First, a disclaimer and a claimer: I have never actually written a scripted sitcom that has aired on television, but for over a decade I have been leading increasingly expensive workshops for the youth, and you can’t do that without picking up a few tricks along the way.  READ MORE…

Let’s begin with something on which we can all agree. In the history of animation, there has never been a development that has altered the popular creative landscape as much as the technique known as SquiggleVision (trademark pending). READ MORE…

Explosion Bus Productions is led by Tom Snyder, a writer and director well known in the world of animation for creating the animation technique known as Squigglevision. His first Squigglevision success came with the Emmy winning show, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapistwhich aired on Comedy Central.  Tom later founded Soup 2 Nuts, an award-winning animation studio that produced a series of critically acclaimed shows, including “Home Movies,” “Science Court,” “Hey Monie!” and the “Dick & Paula Celebrity Special.”

Prior to Dr. Katz, Tom was the founder and CEO of the educational software company, “Tom Snyder Productions.”  In 2004, Tom was inducted into the Association of Educational Publishers Hall of Fame to honor his extraordinary contribution to educational publishing.

Today, Tom is still writing and working in animation under the Explosion Bus banner, frequently collaborating with Boston artists and comedians such as longtime friends, Jonathan Katz and Tom Leopold. 

Tom with the “Dr. Katz” stars - Jon Benjamin, Jonathan Katz, Laura Silverman and Todd Barry. 

Dr. Katz (Comedy Central, 1995-1999)

Explosion Bus (YouTube, 2011-2013)  

Science Court (ABC, 1997-2000)  

Home Movies (Executive Producer, Adult Swim, 1999-2004)

Hey Monie! (BET, Oxygen 2003)  

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